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    Four-way Tug
    Four-way Tug
2016 Results and Pictures 

Sparks Results

Circle A
Bethel Bumble Bees - 1st Place with 52 points
Calvary Sparky Nuggets - 2nd Place with 34 points
Appleton Alliance Screaming Eagles - 3rd Place with 28 points
Faith Chapel Lightening - 4th Place with 16 points

Circle B
Tied for 1st Place:
Appleton Alliance Snow Yetis with 45 points
Plymouth Congregational Plymouth Rock with 45 points
Immanuel  IB Sea Turtles  - 2nd Place with 23 points
Brillion Daniel's Lions 3rd Place with 17 points

T&T Results

Circle A Heat 1
Appleton Alliance Lightening Arrows - 1st Place with 64 points
Calvary Bible Dynamite - 2nd Place with 54 points
Bethel Baptist Supercalafragal...3rd Place with 38 points

Circle A Heat 2
Immanuel Baptist Lightening - 1st Place with 70 points
Appleton Alliance Scrambled Legs - 2nd Place with 62 points
Calvary Bible Warriors - 3rd Place with 24 points

Circle B Heat 1
Plymouth Congregational Plymouth Rock - 1st Place with 63 points
Appleton Alliance Jesus Freaks - 2nd Place with 36 points
Appleton Alliance Christian Warriors - 3rd Place with 34 points
Immanuel Paptist Go Green Go - 4th Place with 31 points

Circle B Heat 2
Brillion Daniel's Lions - 1st Place with 54 points
Trinity Green Gang - 2nd Place with 51 points
Faith Chapel - 3rd place with 32 points